The New Normal

The New Normal in Marketing
by Amoor Avakian

Through great understanding of marketing principles and new technologies we (marketeers) have actually severely complicated the entire landscape.

At the same time through many data liberation initiatives and an ever transparent web our consuming would-be-customers are able stay fully updated on all kinds of persuasion tactics and are teaching their friends, families and connections how to fight back.

From ad blockers to “Do not track”, opt-out settings and cookie laws or simply ignoring anything off to the side of the prime screen-estate they have become immune to spammy messages and hollow promises of our gadgets and services they can’t live without. We find ourselves in an adversary position to the very people we need to reach and connect. That’s crazy.

So how do you reach out to communities to build long term ROI positive and mutually beneficial relationships? How do you learn the right thing in an incredibly abundant common-wealth of experience and knowledge? Lastly, how do you defuse all that is right and relevant to your business throughout your company?

Golden Triangle

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