ProductTank Yerevan 2014 Spring

ProductTank Yerevan
It’s that time of the year again when the product-people of Yerevan gather together to discuss great ideas, share their experience and be a part of the growing product-community of Yerevan.

The first product-driven un-conference in Yerevan, the ProductCamp Yerevan 2013 was a huge success: 150+ product specialists, enthusiasts, and students gathered together last December at Tumo Center for Creative Technologies to have a full day of thinking, networking and fun.

Here we are again! On the April 30th Ginosi Corporation Yerevan Office is calling for a second product-driven un-conference at its headquarters – the ProductTank Yerevan 2014 Spring.

ProductTank sessions are quarterly organized meetings in the field of Product Management. As opposed to its older sister ProductCamp, ProductTank session is organized more often and is aimed for product professionals working in the mobile and web industries who come to exchange ideas and experiences about:

  • Product Management
  • Design
  • Business Modelling
  • Metrics
  • Usability

ProductTank features talks from guest speakers on both technical and business related topics and good old-fashioned networking over wine.

3 topics will be presented to discuss at ProductTank.

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