ProductCamp is a free worldwide, user-organized unconference on product management topics focusing on product marketing, product development and entrepreneurship. People around the world gather in various cities to have a full day of networking and fun with like-minded people with a passion for shipping great products, sharing their success and experience.

ProductCamp Yerevan, is the first Caucasian unconference for product managers, product marketing managers, entrepreneurs and people with a passion to build great products.

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Who should attend?
The idea is to have relevant discussions that really matter and not broadcast a boring speech to people who won’t be listening. If your profession or interests fit in these categories then you’re the perfect audience!

Who probably will not enjoy it?
This event is NOT a development event. We will NOT discuss angular.js or how to hack your iPhone. If you are expecting a lecture or are afraid to participate in discussions, you probably will not benefit from this unconference very much.


ProductCamp is an ongoing conversation between product managers and marketers, online concept developers and business owners from technology companies and other innovative businesses.

Most of the event and all of the sessions are held and run by people like you.

The general process is supported by a set of self-organized volunteers. 

To be a volunteer please follow this URL.