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General announcements regarding the organization of ProductCamp Yerevan

ProductCamp Yerevan 2015

ProductCamp Yerevan (PCY) is the first and the only unconference for product managers, product marketing managers, entrepreneurs and others with passions for product, online and IT, in Yerevan, Armenia. ProductCamps are held regularly all over the world.

The PCY 2013 took place at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, and hosted 250 participants, which is an impressive number for Yerevan. The keynote speaker was Wouter Blok from Google (Industry Manager Travel).

PCY 2013 was a huge success, it was supported by many local and international companies, and spread the word about the developing product community in Yerevan. During the full day event 250 young professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs were discussing topics varying from starting a company to exit strategy, from legal issues to entering the American market, from SEO to behavioral marketing, from developing an MVP to Agile, and others.

Despite ProductCamp being annual event series we did not have PCY 2014, however the PCY 2015 will only be 2 months late. We plan doing it in mid February or early March. We believe growing the product community in Armenia is our country’s future’s guarantee, and we should do it together.

Why is it important?
Because there are smart people in Armenia, who can create and want to create, and they need guidance. We have strong leadership in many Armenian tech companies and startups, and as new graduates look for job and new tech companies come to exist, the need for mentorship and evangelists arises.

What will it give to the community?
The PCY is one of the initiatives that brings together product managers and marketers, online concept developers and business owners from technology companies and other innovative businesses, with a single goal of fostering and growing the product community in Yerevan.

How is it done?
Most of the event and all of the sessions are held and run by the participants. The general process is supported by self-organized volunteers.


Keynote Speaker Wouter Blok – Industry Manager Travel at Google

wouter blokWouter Blok could currently be described as one of the most influential marketeers in the world not only because of the numerous industry awards he’s won and his current position as Industry Manager Travel at Google (The Marketing Company) but also because his energy, open style of management and passion for marketing are incredible to see first-hand. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wouter for several years and am happy to announce that he’s accepted to join the first ProductCamp in Yerevan 2013 as the keynote Speaker.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius you rock says Wouter.

Join us on December 15th, 2013 at TUMO for this incredible event.

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The New Normal

The New Normal in Marketing
by Amoor Avakian

Through great understanding of marketing principles and new technologies we (marketeers) have actually severely complicated the entire landscape.

At the same time through many data liberation initiatives and an ever transparent web our consuming would-be-customers are able stay fully updated on all kinds of persuasion tactics and are teaching their friends, families and connections how to fight back.

From ad blockers to “Do not track”, opt-out settings and cookie laws or simply ignoring anything off to the side of the prime screen-estate they have become immune to spammy messages and hollow promises of our gadgets and services they can’t live without. We find ourselves in an adversary position to the very people we need to reach and connect. That’s crazy.

So how do you reach out to communities to build long term ROI positive and mutually beneficial relationships? How do you learn the right thing in an incredibly abundant common-wealth of experience and knowledge? Lastly, how do you defuse all that is right and relevant to your business throughout your company?

Golden Triangle

The good news is you’re not alone, this is one of the key discussion sessions of ProductCamp Yerevan and you’re welcome to join!

You can participate in our (and your) unconference as we take on the toughest problems facing marketing, product management and entrepreneurship today.

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