What is the session?

At ProductCamp instead of having pre-scheduled speakers, anyone can lead a session! We encourage topics submissions around product development, entrepreneurship and marketing. Suggest a topic by filling in the form bellow. Topics will also be suggested on December 15th, during the registration and the opening ceremony. Each session normally takes 40-55 minutes.

Current Suggested Topics:

  • The New Normal – Building Communities
  • Mobile (phones) can’t be the future (for long)
  • Building Product Communities
  • Rapid Iteration
  • Transforming Services to Products
  • Persuasive Web Design: The science of persuasion and how to create homepages, landing pages, thank you pages etc. to convert as good as possible.
  • Design thinking – Design thinking is becoming a widely used approach to problem solving for entrepreneurs, product managers and anyone who is involved in product development.
  • Sensors Coming to Replace Touch – Sensor based technologies are growing very fast. Microsoft as a pioneer invented Kinect which have changed Games mind, they started interact with their bodies. Now Game is becoming more interesting as Apple entered to the Market.
  • Accessible Technology – Accessible information technology is technology that can be used by people with disabilities. It is either directly accessible – it is usable without assistive technology – or it is compatible with standard assistive technology.
  • MVP trade off: features vs. speed – The question basically means what should go into MVP. If we put too much it will take more time, and the whole reason of MVP gets lost. If we putt less it may not be useful for users. How to find the trade off?
  • Getting early users – Strategies for getting the initial group of early users enough to start making hypothesis and validation.
  • KPI for initial MVP – What are some of the best KPIs for the first iteration of MVP.
  • Quality, Measures and Standards – Marketing strategy vs the requirements and standards that the product should satisfy.

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